As a French woman with a passion for textiles, Justine Gaignault studied textile design for five years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, a place that allowed her to specialize in weaving.

Very interesed in the materials used and their functionality in everyday life, Justine likes to experiment with the tactile dimension of textiles. Her work revolves around the research and mixing of different fibers and materials to create new textures.

Currently in residence at Les Ateliers de Paris.



This collection was born from a desire to revalue two local natural materials : linen and wool. These two fibers are mixed in Jacquard weaving. Pieces in light and warm colors combine graphics and softness for a comforting atmosphere.

Each piece is designed on a hand loom in Paris and then produced in the Jacquard weaving company in Belgium. Finishing and felting are done by hand in Paris.